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  • Are You Looking for Ways to Get Your Self Directed IRA Started

    Once you become interested in self directing your IRA, your next question probably will be “Where do I start?” While there is a wealth of information available online regarding different types of non-traditional assets, it’s difficult to know where

  • Discover How to Profit Big from

    If you thought investing in property or notes was out of your grasp – think again! The potential for low-input, high-profit investments is plentiful – in distressed properties. And the source of the funding for investments? Look no further than your I

  • 59 Year Old Widow from Detroit Earns 118%

    When was the last time your traditional IRA earned 118% in the stock market? An Equity Trust client has seen such a return, but it was a real estate investment that made it possible.

  • Bob Kirkman Named Top Ten Mortgage Lender

    I want to THANK for recognizing me as one of their top lender choices. I appreciate the recognition and appreciate all my customers for allowing me to help them and the referrals they provide. Thanks to everyone!

  • Prohibited Transaction Under the Provision of ERISA

    A prohibited transaction, including prohibited real estate IRA investments, can bring into question the tax-deferred status of your account, potentially resulting in the disqualification of your IRA and severe tax consequences.



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