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  • Start Spreading The Facts About Mortgages Today!

    Buying a home has always been a big decision. But for some people today it's a difficult decision because of all the conflicting information coming from the media. To make matters worse, that information is often outdated...or even inaccurate. If you k

  • Practical Tips To Enhance Your Financial Freedom

    Help Raise Start Up Cash! Tax Tips! IRS Announces Mileage Rates for 2012! Check that out and more!

  • Bob Kirkman Named Top Ten Mortgage Lender

    I want to THANK for recognizing me as one of their top lender choices. I appreciate the recognition and appreciate all my customers for allowing me to help them and the referrals they provide. Thanks to everyone!

  • Get Inside the Mind of the Consumer:

    Studies indicate that over 80% of today's home buyers visit the Internet long before seeking the professional assistance of a REALTOR®. This means that, thanks to popular realty-themed websites that compete for your business, your clients are already arm

  • 3 Financial Reasons to Buy a Home Now

    Here are three great financial reasons why you should not wait before taking the plunge into homeownership.



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