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Bob offers services to those who don't qualify for a traditional mortgage today! Ask me how!

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  • Lease Option / Owner Financing Options

    Bob is an experienced expert in the lease option, owner finance, rent to own and seller carry programs. If you are in the market to either offer your home or needing to purchase a home with these options, Bob is the professional lender to consult with.

  • Bob Kirkman Named Top Ten Mortgage Lender

    I want to THANK for recognizing me as one of their top lender choices. I appreciate the recognition and appreciate all my customers for allowing me to help them and the referrals they provide. Thanks to everyone!

  • Lots of Homes Available

    We have hundreds of homes to show you! Let's find the one that is right for you!


    I was once told that if you never ask, you may never receive. LIKE ME on here



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